Read and Write Permissions on Arch Linux


The other day I was trying to mount, or better, I was trying to give read and write permissions to myself. Something strange was happening until I figured out the problem. The mystery was that I wasn’t being able to write on my USB stick, even though the permissions was okay; I remounted with rw permissions,.. and nothing.


My USB stick has NTFS file system. The operating system (Arch Linux) was recognizing the file system and mounted properly. So, maybe something was happening in the middle of the kernel. I eventually installed the package ntfs-3g and yes, it worked. Now, I’m able to write. But, I thought ntfs-3g wasn’t needed, ’cause until where I know, this package gives mkfs.ntfs command for making NTFS partition table.

# pacman -Sy ntfs-3g

That’s all,


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