Installing Packages on Arch Linux

I recently started experimenting Arch Linux. And struggling at some points, for instance, besides using pacman command to install packages, how do I use makepkg command?

Here, it is (Original Source Here):

Installing packages

Installing packages from the AUR ( is a relatively simple process. Essentially:

  1. Acquire the tarball which contains the PKGBUILD and possibly other required files, like systemd-units and patches (but often not the actual code).
  2. Extract the tarball (preferably in a folder set aside just for builds from the AUR) with tar -xvf foo.tar.gz.
  3. Run makepkg in the directory where the files are saved (makepkg -s will automatically resolve dependencies with pacman). This will download the code, compile it and pack it.
  4. Look for a README file in src/, as it might contain information needed later on.
  5. Install the resulting package with pacman:
# pacman -U /path/to/pkg.tar.xz

AUR helpers add seamless access to the AUR. They vary in their features but can ease in searching, fetching, building, and installing from PKGBUILDs found in the AUR. All of these scripts can be found in the AUR.


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