Moving from udev to eudev on Gentoo system

Hey, it’s been a while,

This simple post is gonna be about “How to move from udev to eudev?” For those of you who don’t know what udev is, basically speaking, it is a device manager that handle events from userspace apps that try to access devices on /dev. And, eudev is an improvement of udev.

I was using the deprecated version and I was kinda insecure in performing the upgrade on my Gentoo system :). Fortunately, I’ve found a “correct” way to do that. At least, I didn’t have problems. The steps are simple and direct. I’ll share here.

# emerge -Ca udev 
# emerge -1a eudev 
# etc-update 
# emerge @preserved-rebuild

After removing udev to install eudev, just make sure that your computer/notebook will not turn off for some reason, because if it happens, you’re gonna have a big trouble :).

The original post, was found on this thread here.

That’s all for today,
See ya


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