How to change xterm fonts?


Xterm default font is usually not apprecated by most people. That why people shift off to gnome-terminal, konsole or others that appears much better. However, if you for some reason, you can on use xterm or even because you like it, but you don’t like the default font scheme, you can change such font to the Monospace font that comes with gnome-terminal.

You just have to edit .Xresources file and add the lines bellow which indicates that xterm is gonna use Monospace, size 18.

$ echo "XTerm*faceName: Monospace:size=20" >> ~/.Xresources

(or maybe, other fonts you like…)

$ echo "xterm -fa " >> ~/.Xresources


$ xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources

And done. Now, xterm may have new looking.

That’s all,


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