TP-Link 1043nd + OpenWrt: How to enter in recovery mode

Hi there, everybody, how is it going?

This post is about how to enter in recovery mode on TP-Link 1043nd model with OpenWrt installed in.

The router has the LED called “sys”. In a regular condition, this LED keeps the light on when the power is on. To enter in recovery mode, you have to keep the LED in blinking state and you can do it pressing “reset” button (back side of the router). The steps are below:

1) Turn on the router
2) When “sys” LED starts to blink, press “reset” buttom
3) Keep it for a while and the “sys” LED is gonna blink faster
4) Done! The router is in recovery mode.

The default IP address of the router is (WAN port), so make sure your laptop/pc ethernet interface card is set in the same network 192.168.1.X (ex:

Now, you can access the router via telnet:

$ telnet

That’s all,


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