Eclim = Eclipse features + Vim features

Hello guys,

I’d like to introduce Eclim for you. This is really new in my life as a programmer. I didn’t know that. How could? Let me tell you a short story. As a programmer, more specifically, C programmer I’ve been looking for wonderful features like code completion, code jump, and other many helpful features that the well-known Eclipse and NetBeans IDE have.

I’ve googled many times in different periods in order to find some plugins with the same funcionalities of an IDE for my Vim. However, before using Vim I used to code on Emacs with CEDET plugin during a period of time (roughly 4 years). CEDET was the best plugin I’ve ever had tried for code completion and jump. Although it worked relatively well, it wasn’t the same feature performed by an IDE. Moreover, the Emacs plugin’s configuration is, at least for me, a little mess… though the configuration file .emacs is written in Lisp and even being a nice language for scripting (its syntax is relatively simple).

So, I decided to look at Vim. I had known the Vim editor when I tried Emacs, but I decided to look more carefully to Vim. I noticed that by using ‘pathogen’ plugin of Vim, it will help me to save configuration time because ‘pathogen’ is a plugin to install other plugins! 🙂

This way, I met ‘c_lang_complete’ plugin for my Vim. This plugin is used to complete and jump codes. It worked fairly well, but better than CEDET plugin on my viewpoint. I was satisfied even though the code completion wasn’t smart enough like Eclipse’s code completion is.

However, what is the problem with such plugins? Well, if you have used such plugin on a large C project (I mean, code with thounsands and thounsands of code line), you have probably noticed the bad code completion behaviour in most of the time. I’m almost sure that is not configuration issues.

I forgot in mentioning that I really like “GUI” from 80’s decade such as Emacs and Vim. Two classical text editors for Linux. I also like keyboard shortcuts from both, and window splitting capabilities. However, today I really thought in changing to an IDE, probably to Eclipse. Why? Just because of wonderful Eclipse’s functionalities (smart code completion, jump, …). However, before thinking in give up, I tried my last shot. I google with “How to change Eclipse to become Vim”, intead of “Code completion plugin for Vim”, “IDE plugin in Vim”… so, I was always trying to find something good by looking at ‘plugin for Vim’. But changed my thought to “How to change Eclipse to become Vim”.

After that, in one of the many links I found one link with the name “Eclim (eclipse + vim)” as a susbtring. And, bingo! It was exactly what I wanted mostly. I’ve felt down on laugh, and I thought “How have I never seen it before !!?”.

Eclim is project which brings one of the greatest Eclipse’s funcionalities to Vim, smart code completion. For more information, just try it or look at

Really guys, don’t make the same mistakes that I made.. hahahaha

That’s all,
see you on next post.


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