The Internet’s Virtual Life as a First Life


This is an essay with my point of view. Do not consider it as a fact.

People are all connected in a society in virtual lives much closer than anyone has already noticed. Addiction or not, through mobile devices and computers on the Internet, many thousands of people exchange pieces of information in Kilo, Mega or even Gigabytes everyday.

The data mass is so heavy on computer networks that is almost impossible to think that someone do not use the Internet for gaming, chatting, entertaining and business in general. Although there exist people who aren’t able to buy an ultimate generation computer and a Internet service provider, but they have a smartphone with 3G connection. Then, thinking in a possibility of a virtual life as a first life is not a hard task nowadays.

Students are getting used to chatting on the Internet via mobile devices when they are on a bus, private car, at lunch time, or at home when they are watching a film while their desktop computers are downloading HD movies and musics from multimedia servers situated away in other country. Besides that, the Internet has revolutionized business process. Nowadays, transactions as cash exchange and payment may be done from virtual Internet banks. Moreover, virtual shops such as Google Play and Apple Store; on-demand video streaming websites like Youtube; Video-conference technologies like Skype; and many other services connected to the global network have invaded people’s real life.

From these tiny list of use cases, presented above, it’s possible to notice how long people waste time on the Internet and overload the network. Someone tends to stay hours and hours on the Internet and communicating much more from the virtual life than real one. This trend has high chances to become more evident over years. Therefore, technologies get people much closer when the technologies advance and virtual lives bond as a glue.


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