Memorizing and Thinking Logically


Again, do not consider it as a fact. 🙂

Scientists have been trying to undesrtand the human brain’s behaviour over decades. Still today, the human brain is not well explored and understood. It seems like emerging into the Universe, finding a small stone and desmystifying what it is made from. Although, the brain size is much smaller than the Universe, misteries of the brain are huge as misteries of the Universe. And, the brain is an outcome of an evolution process which enables humam beings of memorizing facts and thinking logically.

Memories is the cause of enabling to record and remember what was captured from 5 senses of human beings. Thanks to this ability, people may think about facts, relating them and finding patterns to make important decisions. For instance, imagine a kid who is playing with fire. For him, it might be very funny to burn papers and look at the smoke toward the sky. But in a moment, he makes a mistake due to lack of attention. Intead of throwing away burning paper, he holds it and his finger burns superficially. So, at this moment, his memory holds such injury.

On the following day, her mother is cooking and he realizes that there is a pan above a fire and thanks to the memory, he knows that is better to keep away from that hot pan. So, what happend here is that his brain was able to relate similar facts from the day before and after to make coclusions that if he touches that pan, he’s going to suffer a pain.

Therefore, by looking at the simple example described above, is possible to notice how much the memory is important. The memory, indeed, is one of the greatest ability of a human brain and our brain is a gift obtained from our parents. In absence of the ability to memorize, you are not able to remember what is written in this essay and think logically on it.


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