Fixing compilation error of Evalvid 2.7

Hi, the Evalvid 2.7 source code presents some errors. Probably, when it is compiled on Windows, that is, with Windows’ compiler, any problem occurs. The current version 2.7 has been developed on Windows (I guess, because of the .vcproj file found in evalvid root folder, which means that Microsoft Visual C/C++ framework has been used to program the evalvid).

Hence, when the source code are compiled in other environment, such as Linux with gcc compiler, this should give us en error and not a simple warning message. So, on my experience, I got the following problems: the first one, with #elsif and the latter, with dynamic link library of math. I fixed them adding/modifying the code, according to the following code snippets:

In def.h

#ifndef L
  #define L 152064 /* (352 * 288 * 1.5) */
  #error "L defined elsewhere"

In Makefile

vsgen: vsgen.o
        @echo L $@ ...
        @$(CC) $^ -o $@ -lm

Before, do not forget to install evalvid dependencies: x264, ffmpeg and GPAC (development library version). Maybe, you need to add others packages as well depending on what is installed on your system.

That’s all,


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