How to install OpenWrt into VirtualBox?


First of all, we need to download OpenWrt image for x86 architecture. We’re gonna use backfire version. After downloaded a backfire image… actually is a backfire disk, on the other hands, is a .VDI or .VMDK file. So, the overall steps are:

1) Download: openwrt-x86-generic-rootfs-ext2.vdi from here.
2) Create a new OS (type: Linux 2.6 or Other Linux) by using VirtualBox.
3) Choose the downloaded backfire disk (.vdi).
4) Start the OpenWrt OS, but… probably you’ll get a ‘kernel panic’ message… this happens because the VBox tries to use SATA controller and the OpenWrt depends on IDE controller, so we need to change it..

Follow the next steps described below:

I – Create a new OS:

II – Remove the SATA Controller

III – After removed the SATA Controller, add the .VDI file to IDE Controller.. it looks like this:

IV – Uncheck USB controller:

VI – Choose ‘PCnet FAST III’ network interface card:

VII – Boot up the backfire system and it will appear like this:

That’s all,


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