Recovering TP-Link OpenWrt switch

Hello everyone,

Today I’m here for showing and solving problems that I’ve faced with TP-Link/OpenWrt switch. In summary, I was trying to do some configurations by modifying scripts into the OpenWrt switch.., so of course, I’ve done wrong, that why I’m here :). To recovery my switch, it was simple.. (well, it worked for me). OpenWRT provides a failesafe mode from where you can recover any configuration mistakes. For the TP-Link TL-WR1043ND you can do this:

1 – Power up the router
2 – When SYS button starts to blink, press and hold the QSS button till SYS starts to blink faster
3 – Telnet to
4 – Or you can erase user space data with:

 mtd -r erase rootfs_data 

or you can mount the jffs2 file system with:


Thereafter, you will have all of permissions to do what you need. So do it and after, restart your switch and try to access again, but in normal mode. For instance, if you were accessing from ssh IP address before “crashing”, try it again. If everything was well, so you have recovered.

That’s all,
see ya


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